Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wu-Tang Montreal: 11th Hour

Clan In Da Front

Within 48 hours of this post, we'll know how it all went down. Until then, things are looking fairly promising for Monday night's scheduled Wu-Tang Clan concert at Metropolis in Montreal.

The show is sold out, according to the official Facebook event page. Incidentally, someone on there is saying cameras won't be allowed. I wasn't gonna risk getting mine smashed to bits but if you read this, leave your technology at home. Let someone else be a YouTube hero. I'm looking forward to a show that doesn't have a goddamn press scrum taking up the first 5 rows.

RZA is not on the tour, and word has been out for a second now that Method Man isn't currently doing shows due to Hollywood obligations. Their show in NYC the other night went down, but how much of a stretch is it to get the Wu together in their own city? Still, be cautiously optimistic. It feels nicer.

People are all worried about who won't make it over the border, that type of thing, but the Wu have been in Toronto more than once. If any of them don't get to Montreal, it won't be because customs don't let them in. After 15 years in the game these guys have the resources to get their papers in order. This isn't '96.

Let's be very fucking honest here: we need Ghost, Rae and GZA, together under one roof, to make this one for the books. If they're in the building, they give Deck, Masta Killa and U-God added value plus interest. I got love for all these fools but for 60 bucks I wanna throw up the fullest Ws possible. Half a W is just one hand. What's the sound of one hand making Ws? Not even a V. Sheeit.

I bet Big Baby Jesus coulda done it though.

Have fun at the show. Play nice.

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