Wednesday, April 9, 2008

5 Canadian MCs to Check For

12 time Juno nominee J-Roc & crew

Yes yes yes. Spring is finally starting to kick winter's ass down the steps, and Quebecers have earned themselves a nice summer this year, Alhamdullilah.

Canadians don't realize sometimes that we're part of a significant minority of people on planet earth built to withstand the cold. After the winter we just had, be proud of yourselves. You can't buy that in stores. True north.

The next few guys I'm gonna mention do offer Canadian heat that you can, for the most part, actually purchase at fine retail outlets or online. Or, just go download I'm sure, if you promise to tell 10 friends*. So here, in a very deliberate and painstakingly precise order**, are the Top 5 Canadian MCs currently bruisin' mics.

*The Bombsheltah takes no responsibilty for you or your ten friends doin' dirt, see me?
**Untrue. This list is pure chaos. K-os, however, isn't on it.

1. Wordburglar

Wordburglar is this cat from Halifax. He has a record called Burglaritis. He's got some jokes and the beats are alright most of the time. Thing I'll say about the guy is that he's kinda the best of all kinda half interesting Canadian indie rappers rolled into one. I'm looking so hard at P&C right now.

2. The Narcicyst

Narcel X is a citizen of the planet. We're just lucky to have him count Montreal among places he calls home. Already a veteran of local hip hop in his mid-twenties, we'll be proud to have this man represent the city in all of his endeavours for a long time to come. Here's his blog and here's a free mixtape he put out recently, Stuck Between Iraq And A Hard Place Vol.2.

3. Shad K

From London, Ont., Shad has been making a name for himself for a minute, but the release of The Old Prince this year seems to be the real jumpoff. The beats are eclectic but highly listenable. Subject matter and talent are moving in tandem bar for bar. Good looks to fellow Londonite B.Greene for putting me on to Shad.

4. Wasun

Here's the thing with Wasun. Unless you're from Jane and Finch or the GTA you probably haven't heard of him yet. His debut EP, What Must Be Done might be hard to get your hands on, even. I don't know if he's even making music these days, but I certainly hope so.

We met in '06 when he came to town to see M-1 and network a bit. I love this cd. Listen to the stuff on his MySpace page. You'll hear the streets in a way you might not be used to from Canadian rap.

5. Cadence Weapon

Probably the guy with the most shine on this list, the gifted young Edmontonian runs back and forth across the country showin' off like Terry Fox. If you haven't heard Cadence Weapon yet go cheer him on the next time you see his name on a flyer. He's nice behind the boards and unique on the mic. See him on tour across Canada with Buck 65 and Skratch Bastid in the weeks to come.

If you're an mc somewhere up here in the Durty North, send me your stuff. Can't hurt. If I don't like it I'll leave it alone, but if it's good I'll mention it. Just a thought.


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