Friday, April 4, 2008

8 Things To Consider Hating

I don't have any real news today, but as I look around for something to write about so much stuff is aggravating that I'm just gonna list off the top 8 random things that I'm tired of reading about re: hip hop.

1. Kanye, Lupe and Pharrell's supergroup

Child Rebel Soldier ain't said shit yet but somehow there's a new story about them every day. The rumored collabo won't see the light of day until after '08, according to Lupe Fiasco.

A planned promotional campaign involving a gigantic three-headed robot hype machine is scheduled to pillage and then level your city sometime next fall. That oughta get the album pushed back until at least '10. 'Til then get your $80 ugly t-shirt while you can.

2.Rappers' reality shows

Flav, Ice T, Run, Snoop: Can't you all just pander to 10 year olds on wax like the rest of the rap world? I mean, there's sucking and then there's sucking. Snoop, which is working better for you?

3. Lil' Wayne

Enough already. Check out how bad this is. If that's not enough, the comments section almost made me check into music rehab. I swear hip hop is on some Flowers For Algernon shit.

4. Hip Hop Court Cases

Busta, T.I., Beanie Sigel, Prodigy, Remy Ma. Assault, guns, piss, guns, guns. I mean, so what? Meanwhile this F1 fool hires an army of hookers to treat him like a prison camp inmate and gets to give a press conference about it. Since he has a video maybe he'll just get a slap on the wrist.

5. Serato Haters

The future is so five minutes ago. Where does that leave you? In the Bronx with a flashlight ? How's that thing with your prostate going, by the way?

6. The Fif

Not to judge him on this story, because we don't know all the facts (and because there's plenty of other stuff to judge him for), but 50 could fly around the world on a sleigh giving out presents and I'd still wish him the worst. Just go away and make room for the up-and-coming talentless hacks. Speaking of which...

7. Flo-Rida

You fucking kidding me?

8. Jay-Z's Next Move

First he had the R.O.C.. Then he took over Def Jam for a minute. Rumours that he would move to Interscope were bogus. Then he was supposed to do something with Apple but that got deaded. Now it's this. Hey, about a fully decent record again? Remember those?

Alright. That's enought hating. Nothing but love for the next little while on The Bombsheltah.

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